Industrial paints Department 

KF Chemicals’ Super Weather-Resistant Paints

Refinishing Paints for Buildings and/or Private Houses

We have been providing consistent service, so called “all in one-step” service to the clients.
We can offer our own privately designed products to the market including coating works because we have grown up our own technologies under the collaboration with resin producers through the long lasting fine chemical business. This historical background enables us to provide the quality products having high cost performance.
We hereby introduce our lined up series;
“KF WORLDCERA Series” excellent weather-resistant inorganic paints
”CEMIFLON super CERA Series” Hybrid Inorganic Composition Fluorine Paints
”CEMIFLON Series” High Weather-Resistant Fluorine Paints composed of the latest 4-fluorinated Fluoric Resin combined with a radical control pigment.
All of series above passed the most severe exposure test in Miyakojima, Okinawa, Japan.

  • CEMIFLON Super series
  • CEMIFLON Series
  • CEMIFLON II series

Real execution comparison picture; “before/after” works