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Amorphous Poly Alpha Olefin (APAO)

APAO is manufactured by and imported from REXtac LLC, Odessa, TX, USA, being applicable, independently, or with ethylene or with buten-1co-polymerisedly, to various synthetic resins.That is why APAO allows a global application meeting with the market needs.

Excellent adhesion and compatibility with polyolefin(PE,PP,etc)
High flexibility in selecting copolymerizing component and in adjusting molecular weight
Usage in a simple substance is possible for adhesive application
Higher heat resistance to heat in comparison to competitors'
Easy mixture with a large quantity of inorganic filler
Easy mixture and dispensability with asphalt
Safe in handling and non-pollutive (passed FDA 21CFR.175.105)
Hot melt adhesive and sealing
Automotive interiors
Synthetic resins denaturing
Asphalts denaturing
Additive to cable wire stretch oil
Fixing agent for a fundamental particle of condenser
A moisture penetration stopper for paper

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