Fine chemical Business

Prepared colors for various materials and applications

Color Masterbatches for plastics

This series, standard or custom-made, are available in such a various form as in pellets, granules, powders, pastes and liquids. Applicable to polyolefin, polystyrenes, PVC(available in wet granule form as well for both soft and rigid type), fluorine resins, thermo curing resins, engineering plastics and biodegradable resins.Further, in such coloring as a differentiated application, razor marking and high brilliant metallic finishes is available.

Colors for chemical fibers, textiles and paper mill industries

This series are available, for various chemical fibers as dope dyeing agent which is composed of finely melted pigments in a solvent and for textiles as pigment resin color dispersed in water which is applicable in combination with an acrylic emulsion binder and, for paper industries, both milling type and coating type are available.

Functional master batches and compounds

Various masterbatches and compounds to add such a new function to various resins as;

Grade and application
anti-statics, anti-flammable, chemical frothing, machinery cleanings, anti-amber, anti-blocking, clearing agent for PP, PP recycling agent, hydrogen chloride gas removal agent, anti-rusting agent, multi chemical deodorizer, anti-virus, anti-mold, anti-fungicide, applicable to soft PP, conductive or power controllable compound PP, PE, polycarbonate, acryl and ABS , recycled PET.

Inorganic and Organic pigments dispersion in water as well as in solvents

Various colors are available and are applicable to various fields.

Water base interior house paints, emulsion paints, water soluble resinous paints, paints for building materials water base adhesives
Solvent base baking paints, room temp. Curing paints, solvent type adhesive