Fine chemical Business

OEM of compound and/or master batches

An affiliated company stock 100% whereof is owned by us has been engaged in OEM productions in Chiba factory facilitated with a twin screw extruder in 4 lines, starting a processing research from trial run smoothly down to industrial step, under the very strict quality control to offer the commercial goods to meet the market needs.

Carrier resins in use
Polyolefin   Polyesters   Biodegradables   Denaturing of resin and cross link operation of PE is possible.
Producer : Fine Techno Corporation

  • カツミック混合機(容量:1200ℓ): 3基
  • スーパーミキサー(容量:500ℓ): 1基
  • 軟質・硬質用ペレタイザー :4基
  • ヒートシール式自動包装機: 1基
  • 2軸押出機(58mmφ、L/D=52):2系列
  • 2軸押出機(51mmφ、L/D=48):1系列
  • 2軸押出機(75mmφ、L/D=42): 1系列
  • 重量フィーダー:8基