Fine chemical Business

Other chemical goods

UV cure functional paints and base resins

This functional paint provides such added values as anti-fingerprints, self-repairability, anti-stain, chemical resistance, weather fastness etc.

Water emulsion for

Business lines
Acrylic resins   Acryl-styrene co-polymers   Vinyl acetates   Plyurethanes

Functional films・fibers

Application of a film
Industrial fields, electronic fields, food industries
Fiber products
Non-halogen polyester non-flammable fiber recycle polyester fiber
Binchotan charcoal, plum charcoal, bamboo charcoal, ceramics, luminous pigment, functional fibers

Products・application examples

Various Synthetic resins / Additives・Denaturing agents for Plastics

Synthetic resins
Polypropylene   polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE)   EVA   PET   Polyamide   EVOH   thermoplastic elastomer   Ionomer  
Acryl   styrene   latex   engineer plastics   thermosetting resins
Various kind of anti-static agents   polyethylene waxes   anti-oxidants   photostabilizer   anti-bacteria   stabilizer for PVC   slipping agent   plasticizer   anti-flammable agent   metal soap   special filler

Miscellaneous import goods

Various import goods are lined up according to the market needs.

Synthetic resins・Additives
PBT   PET   Epoxy   Additives for various plastics   Phosphoric acid, phosphates(industrial grade)
Special fiber (ex: low melting polyester cotton, non-flammable polystyrene fibre